Carl Philip de Suecia: "¡Sofía es la más hermosa!"

Carl Philip from Sweden: “Sofia is the most beautiful!”

Carl Philip from Sweden: "Sofia is the most beautiful!"

Dream woman found

wantedon 10/28/2014 | 10:37

Since they made their engagement official in late June, Sweden’s Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist no longer need to hide their love. And the Prince of Sweden, in particular, never misses an opportunity to tell the public how confident he is that he has found the right woman.

Carl Philip from Sweden and Sofia Hellqvist have been a couple for five years, but protocol requires love only with the public announcement of the commitment you can live.

Carl Philip from Sweden found the right one

Since June 27 of this year, the whole world knows that Carl Philip from Sweden and Sofia will get married, and since then the 35-year-old seems never tired of emphasizing how much he loves his fiancee. “In my eyes she is the most beautiful in the world“, Excited Carl Philip from Sweden in a television interview with the broadcaster” TV4 “.

Carl Philip from Sweden can’t get out of delirium

Their relationship has become particularly strong, as his fiancée faced many headwinds early in the relationship, says Carl Philip from Sweden. “That made us a team,” says the 35-year-old, summing up the early days of his relationship with Sofia Hellqvist, who made a name for herself with questionable television appearances. Today they are both stronger than ever and Carl Philip from Sweden seems absolutely certain that he has found the right one. “She is a fantastic woman and I am the happiest in the worldHe excited a Carl Philip from Sweden very publicly on television.

Carl Philip von Sweden is very open, approachable and deeply in love with television, that makes it even more enjoyable! You just have to love the beautiful Prince of Sweden!Image Source: Andreas Rentz / Getty Images