Carl Philip de Suecia habla sobre su discapacidad

Carl Philip from Sweden talks about his disability

Carl Philip from Sweden talks about his disability

Severe disability

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He’s just engaged, he’s been happy with his Sofia Hellqvist for four years, and Carl Philip von Sweden’s work isn’t bad at all and he’s considered the sexiest royal in Europe. However, the beautiful Prince of Sweden has a difficult difficulty!

Never before has Carl Philip from Sweden spoken so openly about his illness. What many don’t know about the handsome prince: Carl Philip from Sweden has suffered from dyslexia, a congenital reading, writing and comprehension disorder, since he was born.. Only about four to five percent of the total population has this disability, Carl Philip from Sweden and his sister, Victoria from Sweden, are one of them.

Carl Philip from Sweden suffers from dyslexia

Y Living with the disease was not always easy, especially in childhood., so reported the 35-year-old on comedian David Helleniu’s Swedish television show. “Dyslexia is mainly genetic, my father has it and Victoria has it too. It can appear in different ways, in reading and writing, but also in language. It is something that is very hardCarl Philip from Sweden said in front of the cameras.

Carl Philip from Sweden suffered at school

In particular, school dyslexia became a real test for Carl Philip from Sweden. “The main problem is how I feel when I read something.Recalled the beautiful Prince of Sweden. It had been particularly difficult for him to read aloud at school, as it made him feel as if everything was “freezing”. At university, where he was studying agricultural science, he received special help. “We were a small group of people with dyslexia who received additional support. It helps to be able to present orally and have more time for exams. You need more time, otherwise everything can be easily closed to you, ”reported the charming prince on Swedish television. Meanwhile, Carl Philip has learned from Sweden to live with his weakness. He founded a successful design company with his partner and disability does not seem to be a problem in private life either.The little weakness makes Carl Philip from Sweden even more interesting. We are impressed by the assertiveness of the beautiful Prince of Sweden and a little more jealous of Sofia Hellqvist!Image Source: Andreas Rentz / Getty Images