¡Carolin sobre el acoso!

Carolin on bullying!

Carolin on bullying!

Mädchen.de: The contest is about all forms of exclusion and discrimination, such as harassment. Have you ever experienced bullying? Carolin Niemczyk: Yes, unfortunately I had to experience bullying. In eighth and ninth grade, two boys in my class repeatedly teased and verbally abused me. I think in that case it was age and the boys wanted to prove themselves in some way and feel stronger.

How did you handle it?Sometimes he was afraid to go to school; I kept trying to defend myself. But that didn’t help much at first. Then I tried to ignore it and spoke to my mother at home. Perhaps it would also have helped if a teacher had interfered.

What did the bullying do for you?I think that despite the emotional pain, it also made me strong, in a way. It also made me realize who my true friends are. Linked to this was an understanding of the importance of getting help from outside. Be it from friends, teachers or classmates. Many may not want to help or intervene because they are afraid of being bullied or laughed at. I think the competition is right in 361 degrees of respect on YouTube. Record a video together for tolerance and against bullying. In this way, young people learn how important it is not to look the other way, but to interfere and help, although it is often not easy.

How did you finally part ways with it?The two boys were no longer in my school since the tenth grade. Of course you ask yourself the questions: Why me? Am I really that terrible? But it is always important to keep in mind that people who bully others only seek attention and validation for themselves and can only feel good when they make others small. That is why it is a shame that others have to suffer it and under no circumstances should one be silent about it.

What advice would you give to victims of bullying today?Talk about it. With classmates, family or teachers. Try to find a solution together.

+ + Contest “361 degrees of respect” + +

May open until April 1, 2013 www.youtube.de/361grad Upload a video out of respect and against exclusion. The sponsor of the contest is the Federal Minister for the Family, Dr. Kristina Schröder. Numerous stars like Marcell Jansen, Fanta 4, Silbermond or Culcha Candela support the campaign and call for participation. The main prize for all participants calls Glasperlenspiel private concert in your own city.

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