Catherine Zeta-Jones: familia feliz de vacaciones de esquí

Catherine Zeta-Jones: Happy Family on Ski Vacation

Catherine Zeta-Jones: Happy Family on Ski Vacation

Private vacation photo

wantedon 12/30/2014 | 17:12

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas have suffered some severe blows in the past. In the snapshot that the “Side Effects” actress now posted on Facebook, there are no signs of sadness. Together with her two children, the stars pose in front of a wonderful snowy landscape.

Catherine Zeta-Jones is beaming again

In general, you don’t hear much of anything private from Catherine Zeta-Jones. Rumors of separation between her and actor Michael Douglas were loud recently after the two smiled for the cameras in public, seemingly tortured. None of this can be seen in the last photo of the couple of actors. Along with their two children, the “Liberace” star and his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones are visibly enjoying their skiing vacation in the French Alps and smiling at the family photo with the offspring.

Catherine Zeta-Jones, her husband Michael Douglas, and their two sons Carys and Dylan report back from their ski vacation in pointed Christmas hats and hugging. The gorgeous brunette is rarely so accessible and private, but in the family snapshot, joy is written all over her face. Catherine Zeta-Jones uses the winter backdrop to wish her fans “Merry Christmas”. Other photos also show the “Ocean’s Twelve” actress enjoying her ski vacation.

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas: no trace of separation

Catherine Zeta-Jones and her family

Catherine Zeta-Jones has likely blown the wind out of the sails once and for all with photos of her happy family. While it was speculated some time ago that her husband Michael Douglas’s cancer diagnosis and her own depression had created tension in the relationship between the two great actors, Catherine Zeta-Jones now shines alongside her family like never before. By the way, 11-year-old Carys and 13-year-old Dylan look just like their beautiful mother’s face and complete the perfect Christmas family photo with their happy smiles.

If you look at the photo of Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michael Douglas and their children, you immediately see that all the possibly difficult times in the marriage of the two actors should be over. Apparently the two of them are only going up and down on the ski slope right now.

Image Source 1: Craig Barritt / Getty Images Image Source 2: Catherine Zeta-Jones / Facebook