¡Precaución, haz clic en trampa!

Caution, click cheat!

Caution, click cheat!

+ + The image plays with fear + +

Internet scammers are now ruthlessly exploiting the loom ribbon trend and want to lure you to their competition pages with Facebook to get data from you. “You will never wear these colored bracelets after this …” – that’s the title of the video. You should have the urge to click on the video to find out what is so dangerous about the loom bands. So the two images play with the fear and worry you may have.

+ + Share to spread spam + +

However, if you click on it to view the promised video, you have to share the post on Facebook first, so that the scams can be sure that the spam continues to spread to your friends list. After all, every video looks a lot more serious when shared by your best friend, right? And so the scam can also spread as much as possible.