PRECAUCIÓN: Por lo tanto, nunca debe reprimir su estornudo.

CAUTION: Therefore, you should never suppress your sneeze.

CAUTION: Therefore, you should never suppress your sneeze.

Hand up: Who also tries to suppress sneezing in the most discreet way possible when tickling the nose again? After all, you don’t want to be seen as a germ shooter in public. Unfortunately, it is the last thing to do because it can be quite bad for you. According to doctors, suppressing sneezing is detrimental to health. But why?

Suppressing sneezing: these are the consequences

When sneezing, the body tries nothing more than to fight foreign objects like dust, pollen, or bacteria. To push this as far as possible, you can the air that escapes with a sneeze even until 160 km per hour be fast. So if you cover your nose and close your mouth while sneezing, you build up enormous pressure in your nose and throat.

Bad story: this girl pulls out most of her hair while curling her eyelashes. The reason: he had to sneeze!

However, most people are unaware of the force of a suppressed sneeze. Because in the worst case, the eardrum can be affected. Also, the small veins in the eyeball can burst. Blood vessels in the brain can also be injured by sudden pressure.

The Englishman had to go to the hospital to hold back his sneezes

An Englishman even had to be hospitalized after a terrible sneeze and was artificially fed and treated with antibiotics for a week. Upon admission, he complained of severe pain and extreme discomfort when swallowing. As RTL reports, doctors heard a squeak and crack from the neck to the chest during additional examinations. The reason for these noises was air pockets in the tissue that had formed when the sneeze was suppressed. A consequence of the fact that the air created by sneezing had to find another outlet.

Suppress sneezing: how can I avoid this?

But now you always have to have a strong one “Atchoo!” roar? No way! Because even if you don’t have to suppress your sneeze, you can still do it. “What has to go, has to go”Follow the principle: a simple scarf often helps to reduce the volume a bit. This not only serves as protection against noise, but also intercepts bacteria and has a more hygienic effect. Even a sneeze into the crook of your arm can keep the volume down. Either way, we’ve now learned one thing: Never hold back your sneeze! That can have dire consequences.

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