1. Geburtstag: Mit der passenden Deko und schönen Geschenken wird die Feier unvergesslich

Celebrate children’s first birthday stress-free: decorations, cakes, gifts

1. Geburtstag: Mit der Passengers Deko und schönen Geschenken wird die Feier unvergesslich

1st birthday wall art

In the trade there are balloons and candles in the shape of numbers or trains as candle holders for birthday candles. It’s nice when you start a “tradition” on your first birthday that goes on year after year. Then it may be worth buying particularly beautiful and durable candle holders that are used with one more candle each year. The same applies to birthday decorations: take a nice, long-lasting garland (maybe you made it yourself), which you can take out every year if necessary. Your child will be happy to discover them in older birthday photos later.

Otherwise, you can also choose a theme or color that is the central theme of the first birthday celebration – how about gold, white, and silver, for example?

Birthday decorations in gold, silver or white

Not everyone wants a classic pink or light blue décor for their first birthday. That will come very soon, as soon as the little ones develop their own taste, and unicorns and pirates are on the agenda.

Colors like gold, silver and white are therefore an alternative for the 1st birthday. Combined with black and white baby photos as a garland, this decoration looks very noble and is perfect for the birthday party with godparents and grandparents.