Instagram y Messenger: ahora el cross-chat es concreto, WhatsApp aún tiene que esperar

Celebrities on Instagram and Co: The Inglorious Power of Community

Instagram and Messenger: now cross-chat is concrete, WhatsApp still has to wait

The Internet also has its downsides. For example, I hate in comment columns. Or artificial shitstorms when celebrities send their followers.

If you have a problem with a company today, you can use the very short official channels through social channels. That usually works very well. Better than most direct lines I’d say. At least if the matter is short on time. But these circumstances are always taken advantage of in a rather bad way. When celebrities send their followers to use their concentrated power on other channels. Power in this case simply means an often insurmountable amount of feedback. A shit storm. With insults over and over again. For trivia.

Supporter armies roam the comment columns

There was recently another case. A more or less known rapper wanted to clarify his problem with Saturno after a private communication through his Instagram story. To finally send his fans on the hunt, that is, in the channels of Saturn. Which was harmless in this case. With 7000 comments, which mostly only contained one hashtag, things can look different. As already mentioned, with insults, threats and similar messages. Then it no longer matters whether the attack is justified.

Sure, often just hot air and not necessarily to be taken seriously. But it is often embarrassing how some exploit their popularity. For a broken television, instead of really meaningful things. Of course, I can’t dictate anything to anyone and I don’t want to try, but sometimes my mind can start a little earlier. But that also applies to incited followers.

Information warfare: more than broken televisions

According to this case, recently there is a documentation of the Y collective. This is a similar phenomenon. Information warfare. Mostly political in nature, but still comparable. People are also spamming the Internet. With fake news, alternative media, insults, etc. Richard Gutjahr describes another really blatant case when a digital crowd develops hate and doesn’t let go, Richard Gutjahr describes on his blog.