Celebrity Big Brother: ¡Melissa Ortiz-Gomez no está allí!

Celebrity Big Brother: Melissa Ortiz-Gomez is not there!

Celebrity Big Brother: Melissa Ortiz-Gomez is not there!

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wantedon 09/10/2013 | 00:00

For weeks, German viewers have been wondering which stars will move into the “Celebrity Big Brother” container this Friday. Just yesterday, “Bild” announced the first possible candidates. But already today Melissa Ortiz-Gómez spoke out and cleared speculation about her participation in “Celebrity Big Brother.”

On September 13, Oliver Pocher and Cindy de Mahrzahn will finally air with “Promi Big Brother”. So fans of the format will probably only find out who will move into the container and face the many television cameras. Ever since it was announced that Sat.1 was planning the “Celebrity Big Brother” format, the craziest rumors about potential candidates have been growing. Just yesterday, the newspaper “Bild” finally published a list of possible participants.

Melissa Ortiz-Gomez does not participate in “Celebrity Big Brother”

In addition to former No-Angels singer Lucy Diakovska and former “The Voice” nominee Percival, professional dancer Melissa Ortiz-Gomez should be starring on “Celebrity Big Brother.” The sympathetic Spaniard, who is best known for the dance show “Let’s Dance”, has now commented on her alleged participation in “Celebrity Big Brother” through Facebook.

“Celebrity Big Brother”: Who’s Moving?

“Hello everyone, thank you very much to everyone who has supported me so much in recent days! I’m fine, I’m looking forward to the future and I’m curious what the new year of life has in store for me in terms of exciting experiences… Oh yeah… and I’m not going to the Big Brother Celebrity House. Great pusher !!! Your Melissa ”, explained the dancer to her fans. The other candidates on the list, however, have not yet commented on their alleged participation in “Celebrity Big Brother.” Perhaps the stars around presenter Marijke Amado, actor Martin Semmelrogge, and BTN star Jan Leyk will really move into the monitored container on Friday.

We think it’s a shame the stylish Melissa Ortiz-Gomez isn’t a part of “Celebrity Big Brother,” but now we’re even more excited about the contestants. Let’s see what stars, along with Oliver Pocher and Cindy de Mahrzahn, will make the bowl shake!

Image Source: Gettyimages / Adam Berry