Chameen Loca quiere adelgazar

Chameen Loca wants to lose weight

Chameen Loca wants to lose weight


wantedon 03/19/2013 | 15:02

Red-haired beauty Chameen Loca managed to quit smoking. But now there is another problem, which the 20-year-old actress would like to solve: the bacon rolls. Chameen Loca does not believe in anorexia and therefore she just wants to get rid of her belly fat.

Former “Berlin Day and Night” actress Chameen Loca has had a few extra pounds on her hips since she quit smoking. Now he advertises the fight against bacon rolls on Facebook. It is typical for people who quit smoking to gain a few pounds. Because instead of a cigarette, food often ends up in your mouth. Chameen Loca has put on 10 kilos as a result.

Cameen Loca wants to lose some kilos.

The young actress writes on Facebook that she has nothing against a few extra pounds. What bothers Chameen Loca, however, is her bacon, which she describes as disgusting. They have even asked if she was pregnant. “But I don’t mean to say that I’ve fallen into some slimming mania here.… You have to be careful what you say, otherwise you will be accused of making negative statements, “the former roommate of” Berlin Day and Night “assures her fans.

Chameen Loca: How do you want to lose weight?

Chameen Loca is not about to starve, she just wants to Eat healthier and exercise more. “Bye Bye Snickers, Ben & Jerry’s, Chips and much more and hello bikini figure. Then summer can come, but only when you have finished training ”, are his words. Chocolate and Co. are no longer on the Chameen Loca diet plan.

We are so happy and for Chameen Loca that you have succeeded in quitting smoking and wish you achieve your new weight loss goals too!

Image Source: Twitter / Chameen Loca