Chanel hace realidad los sueños invernales

Chanel makes winter dreams come true

Chanel makes winter dreams come true

Chanel in the window

wantedon 11/24/2009 | 18:10

Chanel: winter fairytale landscape at Printemps in Paris.

Chanel is making winter dreams come true in Paris: it’s Christmas again. In Paris, that means new shop windows at the famous Printemps and Galerie Lafayette department stores.

Also this year promises the decoration of the famous Parisian department stores Printemps Y Lafayette Gallery to be colorful and exciting again. With the active support of star designer Jean-Paul Gaultier, the Lafayette Gallery cute animals and delicious cookies this winter. The star designer has created a charming miniature world with dancing bears and cute bunnies.

Printemps, on the other hand, is already putting out bigger guns. They get Chanel in the house and celebrate a revival of the Russia-Paris theme from the latest winter collection. In simple language, this means: white fairytale landscape with snow, swans and an ice princess hatched from a golden egg. And all under a sea of ​​stars.

Just fantastic!

11/24/2009; 6:01 pm

Image source: gettyimages