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Channing Tatum brings “Magic Mike” to Las Vegas

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Hot! Hot! Hot!

Ladies, hold on tight: Channing Tatum had a great idea! He wants to bring his “Magic Mike” movies to Las Vegas as a live show. In other words: a whole stage full of handsome, well-trained and talented men. Is there anything better?

Channing Tatum announced his plan on the YouTube channel Cosmopolitan: “I woke up this morning and walked through my house full of attractive men I live with.” He was worried about how “Magic Mike” was going. should. A 3D movie is out of the question because this technology hasn’t produced anything groundbreaking since “Avatar.” According to the Hollywood star, VR isn’t very convincing either. In the end, it was Justin Timberlake who gave him the decisive clue: “His role on ‘The Social Network’ came to mind, who said, ‘What if you ignore virtual reality, just from’ Magic Mike ‘? ‘”

And so the decision seemed to have been made by Channing Tatum: he wants to bring “Magic Mike” live on stage as a real show in Las Vegas. The kickoff for the “soft ladies club,” as he called it, should be in March 2017 and even one location is already fixed: the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. In view of the video, there should be no shortage of suitable men. Channing Tatum also made an appropriate argument for his exclusive club in his video: “Why don’t we create a world in which women have the same opportunities that men have enjoyed for hundreds of years?” After all, men’s clubs already admit it. Enough.

Whoever wants to can give their opinion!

What exactly the “nice ladies club” will look like in the end, Channing Tatum has yet to reveal anything. Instead, he asked viewers to come up with some suggestions themselves. Then the best would be implemented.

In any case, we can’t say if Channing Tatum revealed a few more details about his idea. In the end, we were too distracted by the hot, shirtless guys snuggling devotedly with numerous dogs.

Image Source: Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images

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