Charlène of Monaco: ¿es la nueva Gracia Patricia?

Charlène of Monaco: is she the new Gracia Patricia?

Charlène of Monaco: is she the new Gracia Patricia?

Real role model

wantedthe 09/04/2015 | 10:13

Although he was never allowed to meet her personally, Charlène von Monaco appears to be very oriented towards her deceased mother-in-law, and not just in terms of her appearance.

She was a famous Hollywood star before becoming the Princess of Monaco and tragically died in 1982. Despite her death some 32 years ago the spirit of Gracia Patricia still seems to float over the Principality of Monaco – especially Charlène from Monaco looks more and more like the deceased beauty.

Charlène von Monaco looks more and more like her mother-in-law

The unapproachable external effect, the rather cool demeanor, the radiant blonde hair and the sparkling eyes – the similarities between Gracia Patricia and Charlène from Monaco are evident. At celebrations to mark the 10th anniversary of Prince Rainier’s death, Prince Albert’s wife once again demonstrated how similar she is to her late mother-in-law, whom she never met.

Charlène from Monaco does the same with Gracia Patricia

Elegant from head to toe, dressed completely in black, with her hair covered by a veil of black lace: this is how Charlène von Monaco appeared at the funeral of her late father-in-law and chose an appearance. in the style of the beautiful Gracia Patriciawho knew how to wrap not only Prince Rainier, but the whole world around his finger with his elegant grace, and today Prince Albert’s wife does the same. Charlène von Monaco did not meet her current husband until 2000, 17 years after the death of Gracia Patricia, but In terms of grace, the 37-year-old is in no way inferior to her mother-in-law..

Charlène von Monaco and Gracia Patricia would certainly have gotten along. The similarity between the two women is really evident. We’re already looking forward to May, when Charlène von Monaco and Prince Albert finally show up again with their little twins.Image Source: Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images