Charlène von Monaco: ¿estás embarazada?

Charlène von Monaco: are you pregnant?

Charlène von Monaco: are you pregnant?

Tired and exhausted

wantedthe 08/01/2014 | 12:18

For a whole month, Charlene von Monaco was not seen in public during her pregnancy. Now the former pro swimmer completed two dates, but the otherwise perfectly styled South African looked tired and a bit drained both times. Does pregnancy bother you a little more?

Charlène von Monaco always appears perfectly styled and perfectly styled at public events and her choice of clothing also testifies to style and elegance. However, these things have apparently fundamentally changed since her pregnancy and no longer seem to be as important to the 36-year-old.

Charlène von Monaco seems to be having a hard time getting pregnant

The beautiful South African has been withdrawing from the public eye more and more recently and has not even been seen in front of the cameras for the entire month of July. Now, supporters of the Monegasque palace were able to catch a glimpse of Charlène of Monaco again in two consecutive appearances. First, she was honored at the Italian embassy for her commitment to teaching children to swim, and last Tuesday, according to “,” she even received her family tree in a gold frame from the Irish embassy. Happy but tired, the princess took the gift. Charlène von Monaco likes it to be comfortable and casual

Charlène von Monaco was very happy with the present, but the beautiful princess did not look as fit as usual. For the look, she even did it without any flashy makeup and just pulled her hair out of her face with a clip. The comfortable and practical look could also be seen in her outfit: as in the Italian embassy, ​​the blonde wore a wide dress this time that hid her belly. Although she looked a bit frazzled and exhausted, Charlène von Monaco smiled happily at the camera and was happy for her gift. According to “”, Charlène von Monaco’s ancestors are said to have belonged to a famous family of merchants who promoted the development of the city of Dublin. So you should be honored by the award!

What an honor for Charlène from Monaco! Although pregnancy does not seem to be that easy for the beautiful blonde, she did not miss the opportunity to be presented with the unusual gift. But the dates do not stop: today Charlène von Monaco and Prince Albert are also expected at the Red Cross ball. Wait, Charlène!

Image Source: Getty Images / Valery Hache