Charlène von Monaco: su panza aún no es visible

Charlène von Monaco: her belly is not yet visible

Mini belly

wantedon 03/09/2014 | 11:10

The rattlesnake stork is scheduled to stop in Monaco at the end of the year to give Charlène of Monaco and her husband, Prince Albert, their first baby. There has even been talk of twins. But so far little has been seen of the beautiful South African.

Where does Charlène von Monaco hide her six-month-old belly? In her royal blue dress, which the beautiful princess wore on Monday at the annual picnic at the “Princess Antoinette Park” in Monte Carlo, You could hardly tell by the 36-year-old that she was actually pregnant.

There is little to see of Charlène von Monaco’s pregnancy

Although it was rumored that she would even be expecting twins, You hardly see anything of a baby bump in Charlène von Monaco’s sixth month. Although the dress she was wearing did not necessarily hug her figure, it was noted that the curve of the “royal middle” is abnormally flat. Charlène von Monaco: But there are no twins?

But Charlène von Monaco is not alone with her very flat tummy. Also Kate Middleton was in the sixth month little to see that she has little Prince George under her heart. It is doubtful that Charlène is expecting twins from Monaco after her recent public appearance. Why In fact, your pregnancy belly is too flat for two children.. Charlène von Monaco’s father probably took the liberty of joking a few months ago when he told a journalist that his daughter was expecting twins.

Charlène von Monaco will already know if she will have one or two babies. In slim women, it is not uncommon for the tummy to only grow in the last trimester. We are sure that Charlène von Monaco will soon be presented with a giant ball and until then we will simply enjoy her radiant appearance, even without a round baby ball.Image Credit: VALERY HACHE / AFP / Getty Images