Charlène von Monaco: ¿dónde está su panza?

Charlène von Monaco: where is her belly?

Charlène von Monaco: where is her belly?

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For more than a month, Charlene from Monaco was not seen in public. Most recently, the beautiful princely wife showed up with her husband Albert on a yacht club date in late June. Now the 36-year-old received a medal for her social commitment and everyone looked at the sweet little belly of Charlène von Monaco. But where has it gone?

Charlène from Monaco plays …

Since it became known that Charlène von Monaco is pregnant, the expectation for royal descendants in the principality has, of course, been great. Since then, the beautiful princess’s wife has been even more in the public eye, which does not really correspond to the rather shy and reserved disposition of the 36-year-old. At the end of June, Charlène von Monaco and Prince Albert appeared for the last time in front of the cameras: she accompanied her husband on a date at the opening of a new yacht club. Since then, however, he had grown quiet about the pretty blonde. There were no public appearances and nothing else was known about the South African’s pregnancy. But now Charlène from Monaco went to the Italian embassy, ​​where she was presented with a medal. However, there was not much to do with her pregnancy.

… hiding with her belly

Charlène von Monaco hides her tummy

In the pictures that the Monegasque palace has now posted on Facebook, Charlène von Monaco and her husband Albert can be seen together. The 36-year-old girl showed up for the appointment at the Italian embassy in a blue and white dress with a wide cut that hid her curves well. You searched in vain for a slowly bulging lump. However, according to “”, the baby will not be born until December. Prince Albert made no secret of his offspring’s date of birth in his first “baby” interview. At the medal ceremony, in which Charlène von Monaco was awarded for teaching children to swim, she is said to have looked a bit exhausted. This may also be the reason why the beautiful princess often distances herself from public appearances.

Charlène von Monaco is finally showing herself to people again and everyone is excited about the progression of the pregnancy. Of course, this public interest is putting pressure on them. It is no wonder that Charlène is withdrawing from Monaco with increasing frequency.

Image Source 1: Getty Images / Valery Hache Image Source 2: Facebook / Palais Princier de Monaco