Charlie Sheen: los medicamentos contra el VIH funcionan

Charlie Sheen: HIV drugs work


He has every reason to be happy: According to new evidence, Charlie Sheen has been able to control his HIV disease with experimental drugs so well that the virus is said to be no longer detectable in him.

Charlie Sheen revealed this on the occasion of World AIDS Day on December 1 in an interview with the Daily Mail. According to this, the cocktail of drugs the star is injected into once a week is said to be part of a study The aggressive virus has been so suppressed by the physician that immunodeficiency disease can no longer be detected in current blood samples. “It is unbelievably amazing. Personally, I think about how I felt that day and how I feel today. Wow. You can talk about transformation. One minute you are on the path of perdition, the next on that of destiny. “

Charlie Sheen further states that he was always sure that he would be tied to the (conventional) cocktail of drugs that he must drink every day for the rest of his life. But thanks to the new experimental preparation, you only have to get an injection once a week. “I am very grateful to the CytoDyn geniuses who developed this and found me.”

Clinical study gives hope

Unlike conventional HIV drugs, the new drug not only needs to be administered once a week, but so far has no known side effects. PRO-140, the name of the experimental drug, is made from a special antibody that attaches itself to immune cells, preventing them from being attacked by HIV pathogens. If the study continues to be successful, this could mean the prospect of a better quality of life not just for Charlie Sheen, but for millions of infected people around the world.

We are happy for Charlie Sheen and wish the actor all the best for the future. Perhaps, thanks to the prominent sponsor, many other people will soon join the study.

Image Source: JasonLaVeris / GettyImages