Charlie Sheen invita a su ex a la boda

Charlie Sheen invites his ex to the wedding

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wantedthe 09/04/2014 | 11:24

Charlie Sheen is getting married, not for the first, second, or third, but for the fourth time. Besides his wife Bret Rossi, he also would like the mother of his twins (two of Charlie’s five children), Brooke Mueller, to be with him. Charlie Sheen is just a family man.

Charlie Sheen makes his girlfriend Bret Rossi a, well, a respectable woman, as the saying goes: He is going to marry the 24-year-old former porn actress. You would like to do this with your loved ones, which generally includes family. One thing clear for Charlie: this also includes Brooke Mueller, his last wife, with whom he has two children, twins Max and Bob.

Charlie Sheen doesn’t care about conventions

In the colorful world of Charlie Sheen, everyone is supposed to get along, as one source told the online portal “”: “They get along very well and are a big happy family. It may seem strange to most people, but this is how it works with Charlie. It’s also a sign to the twins that they all get along when Brooke is at the wedding. “

Charlie Sheen: Desperate family chaos?

Brooke Mueller, who is said to be behind more than 20 cocaine recalls, is said to be “ecstatic with joy” and gets along very well with Bret. For Denise Richards, also Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife with whom he also has two children, the same should not apply: More recently, it is said that Bret Rossi, the current marriage candidate, even called the actress, who lives in a house in the neighborhood that Charlie Sheen bought him, to move out. The reason the addresses were so close was the children they had together, and Denise had taken great care of Charlie and Brooke’s twins. Charlie Sheen has five children with three different womenwho, however, are not exactly the same as his three previous wives.

Anyone who finds Charlie Harper’s lifestyle from “Two and a Half Men,” the starring role of Charlie Sheen, sometimes excessive or absurd should take a look at the actor’s real life. Now he has even coined his own verb: the slang word “sheening” means a lifestyle that is characterized by drug abuse and accidents.Image source: gettyimages / Michael Buckner