Charlie Sheen: ¿Acoso sexual en el dentista?

Charlie Sheen: Sexual harassment at the dentist?

Charlie Sheen: Sexual harassment at the dentist?

Another scandal!

wantedon 10/6/2014 | 14:02

No positive change in sight: Charlie Sheen’s relatively long, scandal-free time was probably just the calm before the storm. The former “How I Met Your Mother” actor has another big complaint on his neck …

“Sheening” is extreme drug and alcohol abuse in America. Whose word is this? No one less than Charlie Sheen is the cause of the word creation! The 49-year-old has often made headlines due to his laid-back lifestyle, which consists of total accidents, drug and alcohol excesses, and arrests. Lately, however, Charlie Sheen had been quiet about scandals – until now.

Charlie Sheen at the premiere of “Scary Movie 5”.

Because Charlie Sheen has another lawsuit on his neck. According to “,” the actor is said to have mutinied during a visit to the dentist and sexually abused a dental assistant. First, he is said to have ripped the respiratory mask off his face and yelled, “I will kill you all!” The 49-year-old woman is then said to have grabbed the assistant’s breasts and pulled on the bra strap. The assistant herself claims that she broke loose and fled the treatment room.

Charlie Sheen: He’s bullying and harassing the dentist and assistant.

But that obviously wasn’t all: Charlie Sheen is said to have threatened the dentist with a knife. After the incident, the actor’s bodyguard is said to have given the assistant $ 500. Charlie Sheen was allegedly under a mixture of alcohol, Theradol and crack. Now the scandalous actor has to answer in court for personal injury. So far, the actor’s spokesman claimed Charlie Sheen had a “bad reaction” to gas in the breathing mask, this is how “” wants to know.

He doesn’t seem to learn from his mistakes: Charlie Sheen will most likely be tried again for a scandal. You wonder when and if the actor will ever clean himself up and learn from his mistakes. The current situation suggests that this will never happen.Image Source: Photo by Michael Buckner / Getty Images