Charlie Sheen: ¿está demandando a sus ex jefes?

Charlie Sheen: suing your former bosses?

Sheen accuses Lorre

wantedon 03/13/2011 | 10:01

Actor Charlie Sheen had already announced that he would sue his former “Two and a Half Men” bosses. He is rumored to be demanding $ 100 million from Chuck Lorre and Co.

There’s a big gap between Chuck Lorre and Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen was the highest paid television actor to date for his role in “Two and a Half Men.” He made around two million dollars per episode. But now, after Charlie Sheen was fired from Warner Brothers, the actor has to look for other sources of income and where better to dust off than with his former employers.

A few days ago it emerged that Charlie Sheen wanted to take legal action against Warner Brothers and the author of “Two and a half Men”, Chuck Lorre. And as the record holder for wages, Charlie Sheen also appears to be filing an unprecedented lawsuit. He is reportedly suing Chuck Lorre and the production company for $ 100 million. He accuses them of breach of contract.

But the court documents filed by Charlie’s attorney include not only compensation for the actor, but for the entire “Two and a Half Men” team, who could soon be unemployed and, according to Charlie Sheen, have not been charged for multiple episodes. Charlie Sheen insisted on expanding his current state in the media, tweeting: “You trolls have been warned. And now you have served.

According to the indictment, People said: “Lorre, one of the richest men on television who makes hundreds of millions of dollars, believes that he is so rich and influential that he can decide to take money from the cast and crew (…) and to keep his own ego. ” Addressed to Warner Brothers, he continues: “They surrendered to Lorrre’s selfish wishes to punish Mr. Sheen and stop working on the show for the rest of the season.”

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