Charlize Theron celebra el cumpleaños de su mamá

Charlize Theron celebrates her mom’s birthday

Charlize Theron celebrates her mom's birthday

Family gathering

wanted01/29/2015 | 10:38

When it’s mom’s birthday, all obligations can rest for a day. The average consumer is no different from stars like Charlize Theron. For her mom’s special day, the star left everything behind and spent a lovely evening with her at the restaurant. Of course, a gentleman could not be missing next to Charlize Theron.

Mothers and their daughters have a very special relationship. It can’t always be explained, but most daughters would probably do anything for Mom. The relationship between Charlize Theron and her mother also appears to be great, because the duo were seen eating out in Beverly Hills on Tuesday. But it was not a simple lunch: Gerda Maritz, Charlize Theron’s mother, had a birthday and of course it had to be celebrated.

Charlize Theron gathers her loved ones around her

According to “Page Six,” the two ladies dined at “Spogo,” where they ate a gluten-free cake and there was certainly a toast to Charlize Theron’s New Years with a fine drop. But the mother-daughter team didn’t spend the night alone in the elegant venue. Charlize Theron came with her lover Sean Penn!Charlize Theron lets the diamonds do the talking

Rumors have circulated for months that Hollywood stars Charlize Theron and Sean Penn got engaged. Speculation has yet to be confirmed, but a denial looks different if you take a look at Charlize Theron’s hand. During the small birthday party, the actress once again wore her large diamond ring on her left hand, leaving little doubt that a word of yes could not be far off.

Charlize Theron and Sean Penn seem to be very serious with each other, because a diamond ring says more than a thousand words. So it’s very possible that the birthday trio will be back together soon, perhaps at Charlize Theron’s wedding.

Image Source: Getty Images / Valerie Macon