Charlize Theron critica la locura juvenil de Hollywood

Charlize Theron criticizes Hollywood’s youthful madness

Charlize Theron criticizes Hollywood's youthful madness

Ideal of beauty

wantedon 08/28/2014 | 16:10

Charlize Theron is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, but if Hollywood rules have their way, at 39 years old she is past her prime. The fact that younger and younger women present themselves to society as an ideal of beauty annoys Charlize Theron. In an interview, the actress emphasizes that it’s not just about looks.

In recent years, Charlize Theron has often shown the courage to be ugly for her roles and the 39-year-old did not hesitate to completely shave her hair for her upcoming movie “Mad Max: Fury Road.” Still, we regularly see Charlize Theron walk flawlessly down the red carpet without showing her age. But the search for a youthful look that Hollywood does for women, now criticizes the actress in an interview.

Charlize Theron criticizes Hollywood youth fashion

Charlize Theron finds it terrifying that youth is considered the supreme ideal in Hollywood, because in her opinion, young women are anything but role models. However, the madness of youth in Hollywood is constantly increasing. A state that Charlize Theron disagrees with. That is why the 39-year-old woman now unburdens herself in an interview with the magazine “Women`s Wear Daily”: “It’s ironic that the beauty industry is about young people in their 20s when they have no idea of ​​life and wisdom.”

Charlize Theron: women are treated unfairly!

In the interview, Charlize Theron goes on to explain that women only reach the top of their lives at forty. But while male colleagues see aging as a positive, Hollywood turns its back on women. “Women are seen as a dead flower at forty. Like they’re fading away And men are like wine: the older they are, the better, ”says Charlize Theron. For the actress, this is a missed opportunity to show the world that beauty also comes from life experience.

Charlize Theron is frustrated that Hollywood is all about youthful beauty. In her opinion, wrong values ​​are passed on to society and women in their prime become insecure. We think it’s great that she doesn’t want to let this state take over and can only support Charlize Theron’s statement.

Image Source: Getty Images / Jason Merritt