Charlize Theron está harta de los roles estereotipados de las mujeres en las películas

Charlize Theron is sick of the stereotypical roles of women in movies

Charlize Theron is sick of the stereotypical roles of women in movies

Women in action movies

wantedon 05/13/2015 | 11:09

Charlize Theron is a beautiful woman, but that’s the only reason she doesn’t want to be cast in a movie. After all, it has so much more to offer. The actress already proved it when she became serial killer Aileen Wuornos for “Monster” in 2003. Now, once again, she has taken on a role that has it all.

Genre cliches in movies are annoying! Charlize Theron sees it that way too, which is why she was looking forward to her role in “Mad Max: Fury Road.” In the action movie that opens tomorrow Thursday, she plays Furiosa, the bald and one-armed emperor, who in apocalyptic Australia saves five girls from being used by a nasty gang leader as breeding machines for the next generation. of humanity. Charlize Theron spoke about the representation of women in an interview on the show “Live! With Kelly and Michael “only positive things to say.

Charlize Theron is sick of gender stereotypes!

“I always wanted to explore this genre a bit, especially because I think it’s a mistake that women don’t like this genre or don’t want to see these movies,” explains Charlize Theron why it suddenly became science fiction. Fiction, action and adventure stars. It’s not the case that women basically just want to watch romances and reject the action from the start; rather, Charlize Theron finds that the portrayal of actresses in such films frightens many women.: “I think women are portrayed so badly in these movies, why do we always have to go see this genre and in every scene there is a girl with a push-up bra in the background?”

Charlize Theron: “Mad Max: Fury Road” Works Very Different

The fact that Charlize Theron has now settled on a role in a genre that always presents women as the weaker and needy sex is due to the fact that things are different in “Max Max: Fury Road.” About her own character, the South African says that she is “very beautiful [ist] to play this woman who is primarily a woman, but also a dangerous warrior, like Max, and who can fight as well as Max, but with only one arm. ” If you want to see Charlize Theron in the role of the strong Emperor Furiosa, you can do it starting tomorrow. By the way, “Mad Max: Fury Road” is a sequel and is already the fourth part of a series, which, however, was last seen in theaters in 1985. At that time Mel Gibson was still playing Mad Max .

There’s no denying that in action movies women are often portrayed as clichés. But if Charlize Theron is right and thanks to the strong characters of “Mad Max: Fury Road” more women will break into the movie than usual? At least we like to be surprised!

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