Charle ahora sobre Bring, Keep, AnyDo y AnyList a través del Asistente de Google

Chat now about Bring, Keep, AnyDo and AnyList via the Google Assistant

The Google Assistant is finally connecting to popular note-taking apps like Google’s Keep and the popular Bring shopping list app.

Google announces a great innovation on its own blog, as the Google Assistant now also talks about popular note-taking apps. First of all, there is, of course, the connection to Keep, Google’s in-house note-taking app. But that was not all, you could already see it in the title.

Notes and lists can be completed using the Wizard

Google reports: “Starting today, you can use your assistant to create notes and lists in Google Keep,, AnyList or Bring! Create using assistant-enabled phones and smart speakers. The lists are also available on smart screens ”.

In the Services area in the Assistant settings (on the smartphone), the item “Notes and lists” should appear soon, Google promises us. There you can connect the services you want.

Especially when it comes to filling up the shopping list, I think it’s a welcome innovation. Mistress and I are changing to Bring.

Here are some things to try, starting with “Ok Google …”:

“Create a Christmas gift list”, “Add the Chromebook to my Christmas gift list”, “Add blueberries to my shopping list”, “Take a note”, “Show my notes”.