"Chernobyl": Partido ruso quiere prohibir la exitosa serie

"Chernobyl": Russian party wants to ban the hit series

"Chernobyl": Russian party wants to ban the hit series

In Russia, people were not very excited about the way the country was getting away with “Chernobyl.” Now, a communist party is even pushing for the series to be banned.


While “Chernobyl” is celebrated in the US as well as the rest of the world and on IMDb it even leads the series ranking as the best series of all time, criticized a few days ago in Russia. Many consider the show to be “Cartoon and not the truth”that is why one wants to shed light on the events as they actually happened from the Russian point of view in a separate television series. But it shouldn’t stay like this: Russia’s communists, who currently have six seats in the Russian parliament, are now even calling for “Chernobyl” to be banned entirely in Russia.

Like colleagues from Deadline reported that Maxim Suraikin’s Communist Party approached the Federal Supervisory Service in the Field of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Communication (Roskomnadzor for short) to ban HBO’s “repulsive” miniseries in Russia. In addition, they want to press charges against the author Craig Mazin, director Johan Renck and the producers. The reason: “The demonization of the Soviet regime and the Soviet population”, as well as the fact that the series “misuses a tragedy for ideological manipulation.” Roskomnadzor has yet to receive a formal request, but if it were still to be done, it would be carefully scrutinized.

This is “Chernobyl”

When there was a momentous explosion at Chernobyl nuclear power in Ukraine on April 26, 1986, Valery Legasov (Jared Harris) was entrusted to investigate the circumstances surrounding the nuclear disaster. The Soviet scientist quickly realized the far-reaching effects of the accident, but while emergency services and first responders did their best to limit the damage, the government downplayed the scope of the disaster in public. The truth should come out anyway …

The celebrated HBO series celebrated its premiere in Germany on May 6 on Sky, four weeks and so many episodes later, the five-part TV series ended again, and since then everyone has been talking about it. While another series on the subject is being produced in Russia, in which the CIA is apparently to be blamed, many viewers elsewhere are talking about the best series of all time. Even Chernobyl tourism is booming thanks to the series, because these days people flock to the northern Ukrainian city, for example, to take tacky selfies at the crash site.

In Germany, “Chernobyl” runs on Sky. All five episodes are available. At the same time, they can also be accessed via Sky Ticket, Sky Go, and Sky On Demand.

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