Chris Brown cancela conciertos

Chris Brown cancels concerts

Chris Brown cancels concerts

Consequences drawn

wantedon 01/14/2015 | 11:49

After Chris Brown was involved in a shooting at a club a few days ago, the singer is said to have drawn his conclusions from the incident and canceled some of his concerts. It is said that his girlfriend Karrueche Tran persuaded him to do so.

Four days ago, when Chris Brown appeared on the scene, there was a shooting at a San Jose club. Although the 25-year-old was unharmed, it is said that he, or rather his girlfriend Karrueche Tran, took steps to avoid such dangerous situations in the future.

Chris Brown drew conclusions from the January 11 shooting

As reported by “HollywoodLife”, Chris Brown, 26, persuaded to take more care of his safety. “Karrueche told him he was taking out a million dollar life insurance policy for him,” a source told the magazine. He also said: “I was absolutely serious. She did not play any games and had already researched it online and filled out the forms in front of her eyes. “

Chris Brown takes out life insurance

The announcement and the concern of his loved ones seem to have done a lot for Chris Brown, because as the source of “HollywoodLife” also explains, the interpreter of “Yes” has decided to cancel some of his planned appearances: “Right now is The Awakening. He realized that Karrueche took his safety far more seriously than he did. In that moment he knew that his life could end in seconds and that was the moment when he decided to take action. He knows that he cannot control the actions of other people, but that he can control the situations and environments in which he puts himself.also added the knowledgeable source.

Chris Brown hopes his fans understand

According to “HollywoodLife,” Chris Brown hopes his fans understand that for their own safety he cannot appear in certain venues and that some of his concerts had to be canceled as a result. “He hopes his fans understand that his decision is more important than the music. This is a matter of life and death and he believes he made the right decision by not showing up in some places, ”reports the magazine’s source. This decision could not only benefit Chris Brown himself, but also his fans, after all, five people were injured in the January 11 incident.

By deciding to cancel select performances, Chris Brown could have made a sensible decision. In the event of an exchange of gunfire or a similar threatening situation, the singer’s fans are finally in danger. In this case, we can only commend the “Fine China” singer for listening to his friend Karrueche Tran and we hope there will be no more incidents like Sunday in the future.

Image Source: Getty Images / Imeh Akpanudosen