Chris Brown: ¿Tiene que temer por su vida?

Chris Brown: Do you have to fear for your life?

Chris Brown: Do you have to fear for your life?

New home

wantedon 07/30/2014 | 10:56

Since his time in prison a few weeks ago, rapper Chris Brown has been quite willing to leave his old scandalous image behind. About a week ago, the 25-year-old hosted a charity kickball game with many celebrities and also bought a new home. But now the new beginning that Chris Brown seems to want to start may be in jeopardy …

The reason: Chris Brown is anything but welcome with his new neighbors. A resident even threatened the musician in an interview with “TMZ” with shooting him. “The devil could be there, I wouldn’t mind. I don’t care if they have orgies there. Even Saddam Hussein could be there for me, as long as he doesn’t enter my property. If someone does, I’ll shoot him, “Chris Brown’s neighbor told the celebrity website.

Chris Brown: Do you have an argument with your neighbors?

Does Chris Brown have to fear for his life in his new neighborhood? Your new home in the peaceful San Fernando Valley near Los Angeles offers everything you need to make life comfortable. According to information from “TMZ”, Chris Brown’s new property will have about 750 square meters, six bedrooms, a tennis court, a billiard room and his own ice bar.

Chris Brown: Are you provoking your neighbors?

Also, the house Chris Brown is supposed to live in is said to now have enough parking space for 75 cars. And according to “TMZ” they should definitely be necessary. Consequently, the ex-boyfriend of pop diva Rihanna is said to have held a huge party at his new home last weekend. It remains to be seen if skeptical neighbors will be sparked by the celebrations and if there will be more frequent problems between residents and Chris Brown in the future.

In either case, Chris Brown is better off staying away from his armed neighbor’s property. The fact that in some parts of the US people shoot first and then ask has not been a secret for a long time.

Image Source: © Getty Images / Kris Connor