Chris Brown: la fama debería ser la culpable de sus problemas

Chris Brown: Fame should be to blame for your troubles

Chris Brown: Fame should be to blame for your troubles

Question of guilt

wantedon 03/21/2014 | 12:34

Chris Brown has made many negative headlines in the past when it comes to his personal life. Lately, however, it seemed like he was realizing his mistakes and was seriously interested in improving himself. According to “showbizspy,” Chris Brown should be anything but insightful and blame everyone, not himself, for his dilemma.

After it was recently announced that Chris Brown will have to remain in custody longer than expected, his mood appears to continue to deteriorate. At first, it seemed like the singer and rapper would do their best to stop getting into trouble and consciously deal with their problems.

Chris Brown finds the celebrity exhausting

The 24-year-old even attended anti-stress training at a rehab clinic. However, according to “showbizspy”, these visits should not have brought much: Chris Brown doesn’t see himself as the culprit who has gotten him into trouble as of late. Apparently, he rejects any responsibility for past events. Instead, he knows exactly who brought him all the trouble: his celebrity.

Chris Brown doesn’t see guilt in himself

According to “showbizspy,” Chris Brown shouldn’t see at all that he did things wrong himself in the past. The singer assures that he has no control over his destiny and ensures that his being a star is to blame for everything. A source informs the celebrity portal: “Chris always said that fame was a little **. Sorry he’s famous, he could have anything. If some things come too fast and are too easy to get, you create a lot of problems. Maybe he wasn’t ready for all the glamor that came with his career. I’d rather have the money and the career than all the fame. Nothing good comes from fame. “ Sure, it’s not always easy to stand out. But it must be clear to Chris Brown that he is not imprisoned for his fame, but for the crimes he has committed himself.

Chris Brown seems to want to distract himself from his mistakes and doesn’t see that he did some things wrong. Standing in public is not for everyone. But his fame is not to blame for serving his sentence.Getty Images / Federick M. Brown