Chris Brown tiene que posponer su gira

Chris Brown has to postpone his tour

Chris Brown has to postpone his tour

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wantedon 01/27/2015 | 11:08

It’s only been a few days since Chris Brown suffered another loss in court. After the singer apparently did not fully meet his requirements, a judge temporarily suspended his probation. Now this decision is also having an impact on his career: as Chris Brown announced through Instagram, he has to postpone the first concerts of his upcoming “Between The Sheets” tour.

Chris Brown is sad

For now, Chris Brown seems lured by bad luck: After a shooting broke out at a concert in San Jose and the judge in charge lifted his probation a little later, the musician also suffered a serious setback in professional terms. “First of all, I would like to apologize to all the fans and people who have supported me and my music in recent years. The start of my ‘Between The Sheets’ tour has been postponed to a later date, ”Chris Brown announced through his Instagram account., in which he also posted a melancholy black and white photo.

The tour should have started Tuesday in Hampton, Virginia, but the court apparently thwarted Chris Brown’s plans. Instead of traveling the United States with his music, the 25-year-old should first make up the missing community hours. “The judge will not allow me to travel to play the tour until I have completed the last 100 community hours. I promise that I will work hard making them every day until they are completely done. This is the most disappointing news I’ve received recently, ”said Chris Brown, visibly upset.

Chris Brown: When can you go on tour?

Chris Brown wants to go on stage

It is not yet clear when Chris Brown can actually begin his tour due to pending procedures, which will continue in March. Therefore, the singer has not yet been able to name alternative dates for the canceled concerts. Still, one thing is particularly important to Chris Brown. “The show must go on. I only have 100 of the 1000 hours left. I will work hard to overcome them and finally be in this scenario. Once again: I’m very sorry for the delay! I love you all! We will inform you about the dates being postponed. They are not canceled, they will only be postponed for a few weeks, “promised the ex-queen of pop Rihanna.

Chris Brown seems to have realized by now that his probation is not funny, but bitter seriousness. So now we’re keeping our fingers crossed that you can fill in the remaining hours as quickly as possible and get back on stage.Image Source 1: © Instagram / chrisbrownofficial Image Source 2: © Getty Images / Neilson Barnard