Chris Brown: su autobús de gira se está convirtiendo en un paraíso para los niños

Chris Brown: his tour bus is turning into a kid’s paradise

For royalty

wantedon June 16, 2015 | 12:15

When Chris Brown is on tour, things often go wrong. In particular, the 26-year-old’s tour bus is often declared an unofficial party zone on the way to the various concerts. But this time everything is different: Since the new father has also taken his daughter Royalty with him on his travels, the hip-hop legend is quickly turning his vehicle into a paradise for children. Hard times are breaking for Chris Brown’s friends in particular …

Today, Tuesday night, Chris Brown and his entourage are visiting the Texas city of El Paso on the Mexican border to perform in front of their fans. The ride there seems to be very different from what hip-hop fans would normally imagine on a tour like this. The reason: the singer made a stopover in Houston to pick up his daughter Royalty, who is traveling with her father for the first time. Rather than throwing wild parties with his team, the well-being of his little ones is Chris Brown’s top priority on the ten-hour drive south.

Chris Brown cares lovingly for his daughter

So that the sweet Royalty feels completely comfortable next to her dad, According to the American celebrity portal TMZ, Chris Brown is said to have established some new rules on the tour bus that his crew must adhere to during the trip. Consequently, you should not be allowed to swear or smoke. Alcohol is also said to top the forbidden list on the El Paso trip. In addition, the lights go out for all the occupants of the bus as soon as the little girl needs to sleep. Also, Chris Brown is said to have introduced another rule that you should know him personally as a bachelor: groupies should not be allowed on the tour bus this time.

Chris Brown watches Disney movies with his daughter

Instead, Chris Brown is said to have thought of a new entertainment show, which should please his daughter above all else. With a marathon of Disney movies, which should include “The Ice Queen” and “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” underneath the strips, the father of the picture book tries to pass the time for his offspring. But that’s not all: as Chris Brown himself shows on his Instagram account, even night breaks are taken so that Royalty can vent on a playground and then fall asleep satisfied.

Every child would want a dad like that. Chris Brown is not too big of a sacrifice for his royalty. The rapper even skips a tour bus party or two.Source of Image 1: © Getty Images / Isaac Brekken Source of Image 2: © Instagram / chrisbrownofficial