Chris Brown: así era la vida tras las rejas

Chris Brown: this was life behind bars

Chris Brown: this was life behind bars

Bitter moments

wantedon 09/17/2014 | 09:58

Ever since Chris Brown left the prison walls behind, the former scandal rapper seems to want to change his life from scratch: the musician organizes charity events on his own and reconciles with old opponents like Drake. Now Chris Brown told for the first time in an interview about his time behind bars and reported what kept him afloat in jail …

It has been about three months since Chris Brown was allowed out of prison as a free man. During this time, the 25-year-old reorganized his life and also set some new priorities. His new album “X” was recently released, with which Chris Brown finally wants to make the news again. Because one thing is clear: Popqueen Rihanna’s ex-boyfriend has definitely had enough of a life behind bars.

Chris Brown remembers his time in prison

After all, the prison time was very stressful, as the singer admitted in an interview with “MTV.” But above all the music had strengthened his back in jail, Chris Brown explained: Once the prison officers even played his song “Loyal.” “They heard it over the loudspeakers when I was in my cell. It was as if they had said, ‘Brown, you have a visitor’; Then they played the music and I was like, ‘That’s funny,’ ”Chris Brown said of one of the few beautiful moments behind the Swedish curtains.Chris Brown got outside support

But also the support of his fans, who made “Loyal” a real success outside the prison walls, kept Chris Brown from despair. “I got a call from my management and they said, ‘Loyal is the first.’ It is the best feeling in the world, especially when you are in a dark and horrible place ”, revealed the excited rapper. Now Chris Brown would rather go back to enjoying his hits on the charts in the wild.Hopefully Chris Brown has really learned from the bitter moments in prison and is now doing his best to avoid ending up there again. His music is undoubtedly a perfect support on the way back to life.

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