Chris Brown quiere vender su despedida de soltera

Chris Brown wants to sell his bachelorette party

Chris Brown wants to sell his bachelorette party

Nest of love dear

wantedon 06/17/2014 | 14:53

Since Chris Brown got out of prison, he has planned to completely reorganize his life. Put an end to eternal scandals and loud actions – From now on, Chris Brown wants to make a living as a clean man. Always by your side: girlfriend Karrueche Tran. The singer wants to dare a new beginning with her and is now eagerly looking for a home together.

Goodbye bachelorette party, goodbye singleness – Chris Brown is now cleaning up his life and making sure things are clear. Purged from his time in prison, Chris Brown now wants to take a new direction in his life and, above all, focus on his relationship.

Chris Brown is serious about Karrueche Tran

With Karrueche Tran, the R&B star is now looking, according to “Hollywoodlife”, for the house of his dreams in which the two can settle. Chris Brown reportedly can’t wait for the relationship with the model to finally get more serious and he’s already busy making plans. A source told the celebrity portal: “She is his lady. He doesn’t want anyone else. He loves her, he loves being with her and one thing he promised her while he was still in prison is that he wants to stay with her. And so it continues now.And so Chris Brown is now eagerly looking for a love nest for the two of them.Chris Brown takes Karrueche into consideration

Chris Brown is busy looking for a secluded property where he can enjoy his privacy. It’s so important to him that his model friend feels as comfortable as he is. The insider continues: “His Hollywood home was cool, but it was more his style: a bachelorette party. And although she liked it too, it wasn’t really comfortable, it wasn’t a place where they wanted to put down roots.“So Chris Brown puts a lot of emphasis on Karrueche’s opinion. He also wants to leave him all the furniture in the new house and has already taught him to paint. “He wants to make her as happy as she makes him.The insider still remembers about Chris Brown and their relationship.

Chris Brown is fully committed to planning his new life alongside his girlfriend. Hopefully the singer has learned from past mistakes. Nobody wants to experience such an unpleasant separation as between him and Rihanna.Image Source: Getty Images / Frazer Harrison