Chris Martin: ¿Primeras vacaciones románticas con Jennifer Lawrence?

Chris Martin: First romantic vacation with Jennifer Lawrence?

Chris Martin: First romantic vacation with Jennifer Lawrence?

Pure romance!

wantedthe 09/05/2014 | 16:03

Jennifer Lawrence currently has it all but easy: First, the world speculated about her alleged relationship with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, and then, after a hacker attack, the Oscar winner’s intimate nude photos were turned upside down. world. So it’s good that Jennifer Lawrence seems to have caught a true romantic in Chris Martin …

Chris Martin: Are you playing with JenLaw?

Are Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence Really Hollywood’s New Dream Couple? The entire press landscape has recently been baffled by this. Although the two alleged lovebirds have yet to release an official statement on the status of their relationship, it should have been enough for a first love vacation. “They were not prepared for the news of their relationship. This made things a bit difficult for them, since now everyone wants to take the first photo together., an anonymous source told Heat magazine about the struggles Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence face.

Instead of retreating to a lonely mountain retreat, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin are said to have stayed at a true luxury hotel. “That increased the pressure. So Jen suggested they leave for a while, just the two of them. They had their own private butler who served them pizza, burgers, and champagne. They barely left her room because she had her own private spa area, “said the insider of the spontaneous trip Jennifer Lawrence is said to have made with Chris Martin.

Chris Martin: Are you going to live with Jennifer Lawrence?

Jennifer Lawrence seeks rest

It seems things turned out so well for Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin during their journey together that they are already thinking about the next step. According to the source, the musician and the actress are already looking for a joint property in Malibu. “They both know that it’s probably too soon, but now that things are public, they need a place where they can meet,” the source said. When looking for a property, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin should already have very precise ideas: “He wants something with space for a study and she wants a pizza oven.”After the turbulence of the last few weeks, Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence deserve a little rest. Hopefully, they were strong enough to survive the aftermath of the nude photo scandal.

Image source Chris Martin: © Getty Images / Neilson Barnard Image source Jennifer Lawrence: © Getty Images / Pascal Le Segretain