¿Chris Martin secuestrado por Brangelina?

Chris Martin kidnapped by Brangelina?

Chris Martin kidnapped by Brangelina?


wantedon December 19, 2014 | 12:56

It is well known that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are perfectionists and leave nothing to fate. But who would have expected the couple to kidnap Coldplay singer Chris Martin for the soundtrack to the movie “Unbroken”?

“Unbroken” is an American war drama produced by none other than Angelina Jolie. For the soundtrack, the beauty has created something very special: Coldplay frontman Chris Martin is supposed to sing one of the songs. When asked by “Vulture” magazine how he was allowed to write a song for the soundtrack, the latter responded with a shocking revelation. – But beware, Chris Martin’s answer must be understood with humor!

Chris Martin is on the soundtrack of “Unbroken”

“I got a message saying: ‘Find us in this secret place. He will be blindfolded and picked up by seven former Navy officers, “joked Chris Martin in an interview. “They kidnapped me, beat me on the head and sprayed me with pepper spray.” Then Chris Martin woke up in their office. “Brad Pitt did push-ups while Angelina Jolie sat there with the crown on her head.” How did Chris Martin come to write the song? “There was a guy who put a knife to my throat and said, ‘Write a song, or else it will work.’Chris Martin has a sense of humor

It is clear that Chris Martin’s description is not about the actual circumstances in which the collaboration with Brangelina arose! Finally, Chris Martin took more serious tones in the interview and explained what he liked about the process of creating the song. When writing the song, the singer had to stick very strictly to the material from the film and the book for “Unbroken”, an experience that Chris Martin describes as very enriching. “I find this type of restriction very useful when trying to create something.” The cooperation with the successful Hollywood couple seems to have been a total success!

Take a deep breath, people! Chris Martin was not actually kidnapped by Brad Pitt and Angelina, but he is actually writing part of the soundtrack for the new movie “Unbroken.” We are excited to see what’s to come!

Image Credit: JUSTIN TALLIS / AFP / Getty Images