Chris sobre la ruptura

Chris on the breakup

Chris on the breakup

He is disappointedthat Shirin made a video about their breakup: “To be honest, I find it a bit inappropriate and disrespectful! […] But all as he wants. What I represent I cannot expect from other people. But I have so much decency and respect that I say, ‘Guys, drilling all the time is nobody’s business but Shirin and me.’ Privacy is extremely important to him.

There is still between the two no arguments: “There is no such thing as bad blood. I hope you are good. I hope that he is happy or that he is happy, that he is very successful in his work and in his entire life.

+ + April 21, 2016: relationship status is still unclear + +

Somehow you don’t really know what’s going on between Shirin and Chris. They just snuggled up with the dog Johnny, now his fans suspect it should all end again! Because on Twitter he posted: “Never, never, never depend on anyone in any way. No matter how difficult it is, go it alone. ”