Christina Aguilera baja las mantas

Christina Aguilera lowers the covers

Christina Aguilera lowers the covers

Naked session!

wantedthe 08/04/2014 | 16:38

Christina Aguilera, 33, shows how seductive an expectant mother can look. While she was very pregnant, the singer-songwriter had been photographed for “V-Magazine”, completely naked!

Christina Aguilera loves her curves

For Christina Aguilera it is already the second child, but the anticipation of her little daughter seems to be at least as great as that of the son Max. The intimate recordings the singer made for “V-Magazine” reveal that it won’t be long before Christina Aguilera’s little girl sees the light of day. the exact time of birth is not yet clear. Despite her round belly, Christina Aguilera still looks incredibly sexy! The beautiful blonde’s pregnancy was leaked to the public in March, six months later Christina Aguilera refused to be asked twice when star photographer Brian Bowen Smith asked her to pose for him.

Christina Aguilera shows her maternal happiness to the whole world

Due to the photographer’s high level of experience, at the beginning of the nude session it was already clear that the shots would be fantastic. The New Yorker had already photographed other stars and actresses such as Jennifer Aniston, Orlando Bloom, Cindy Crawford, Sheryl Crow, Ethan Hawke and Demi Moore. Smith was the first and best direction for Christina Aguilera to show the beautiful tummy.

Christina Aguilera is proud of herself

So that everyone can share her baby’s happiness, she posted some snapshots of the extremely hot session on her public Instagram profile. You can see right away that Christina Aguilera is not afraid to present her shapely and pregnant body, completely naked and without a cover. The “V-Magazine” reported the beauty that as a woman prided herself on being able to show her body at all stages of life. Christina Aguilera also stated that she was curious about what the future held for her and, whatever happens, she was not afraid. An admirable attitude!Christina Aguilera shows her shapely belly full of pride and without feeling ashamed. This opening is good and shows that you can and should feel comfortable and, above all, desirable during pregnancy.Image Source 1: Jason Merritt / Getty Images Image Source 2: Instagram / xtina