Christina Aguilera: Nuevo disco con sonido retro

Christina Aguilera: New album with retro sound

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wantedon 09/18/2014 | 16:37

Christina Aguilera is currently working hard on her new album: even in a very pregnant state, she was not deterred from studio recordings, as pictures on Facebook & Co. have already shown. However, the 33-year-old still has not revealed in which musical direction the new project is moving. Supposedly, Christina Aguilera wants to orient herself in her old and hit songs to regain the charts.

Christina Aguilera is currently hard at work on her comeback. The “Your Body” singer recently became a mother for the second time, but the pretty blonde won’t stop to complete her new album. I was busy posting photos of the study on social media. However, the direction of the musical journey remains a secret. Until now, because “Ampya” now wants to know that Christina Aguilera would like to go back to the old ways and orient herself on her album “Back to Basics”.

Christina Aguilera seeks support for her new album

His foray into electro-inspired pop music eventually found only moderate approval: his albums “Bionic” and “Lotus” could not build on his old hits. With the new album everything should be different now: According to “ampya”, the label of the mother of two is looking for songwriters on the website “Music Gorilla” to put the finishing touches on Christina Aguilera’s new album.

Christina Aguilera needs support

Christina Aguilera and her label apparently do not want to dare to experiment more experiments in other musical styles for the artist’s eighth studio album. The ad posted on “Music Gorilla”, a portal for independent musicians, producers and songwriters, is clear: “The producer is looking for songs for Christina Aguilera. We are looking for hip-hop inspired songs for the next LP. In the same way as the LP ‘Back To Basics’ with DJ Premier “. After the announcement there is a link to the video for “Ain`t No Other Man”, the first single from “Back to Basics”. Applicants have until October 31 to apply for the songwriting position and work on Christina Aguilera’s new album.

The main work on the new Christina Aguilera album should begin in just under a month. At least you can already guess in which direction the project is developing. The singer is playing it safe with her decision, maybe she can finally build on her old hits with new material! Image Source: Getty Images / Gabriel Bouys