Christina Aguilera elogia a sus hijos

Christina Aguilera praises her children

Christina Aguilera praises her children

The perfect children

wantedon 01/30/2015 | 10:48

She used to be “dirty”, today she is a loving mother: Christina Aguilera has made one of the most amazing transformations in the music business. Her children are her only and therefore Christina Aguilera cannot be stopped as soon as she is asked about her offspring.

What can we say about Christina Aguilera? She is one of the most successful artists in the world, and has been for about 15 years! At just 34 years old, he has cleaned up all the music awards that can be won and every new single is a hit. Christina Aguilera has gotten a bit calmer in recent years. There are a number of reasons for this, because in addition to acting, she has also discovered jury work for herself. In the US edition of “La Voz”, judge the talent of the candidates. But a lot has also happened in “X-Tina” in private.

Christina Aguilera dominates work and family

Her marriage to husband Jordan Bratman only lasted six years, but she certainly doesn’t want to miss out on this moment. Christina Aguilera owes her son Max, who has shown a whole new side of himself for a good five months. It’s been so long since Christina Aguilera gave birth to their daughter Summer Rain and now she reveals “Extra” how her children influence their lives. There is no trace of stress because her first-born is very supportive of her famous mother: “He is so tender and dear to her. I just have to keep saying, wash your hands before touching the baby. ” Also, the role of older brother seems to have passed to the seven-year-old, although Christina Aguilera compares him to another member of the family: “She is like a grandmother to him. He thinks, ‘I’ll show you everything.’ “But his little sister doesn’t seem to make it very difficult for him to love her either …

Christina Aguilera is grateful

Christina Aguilera seems to be largely safe from baby cries, whining, and restless nights, because from the way the singer talks about her baby, she seems to be the calmest girl in the world. “I have a very relaxed baby. She is so calm and easy to make you laugh. It’s really child’s play, thank goodness! Christina Aguilera says, describing everyday life with her second child, Summer Rain, and she can’t get out of the outburst: “She is so pretty, the big blue eyes. She is so amazing. I am very happy and grateful to have Summer Rain in my life. ” This is what a really happy mother sounds like!

Success is not everything in life. When Christina Aguilera talks about her children, she seems to be floating on cloud nine and would like to hug her two children all day long. Christina Aguilera seems to be doing a great job as a parent, because behaving well like this is a tough job.

Image Source: Getty Images / Charley Gallay