Christina Aguilera muy embarazada en el estudio de grabación

Christina Aguilera very pregnant in the recording studio

Christina Aguilera very pregnant in the recording studio

With a round baby ball

wantedon 08/14/2014 | 10:06

Even the very pregnant Christina Aguliera remains a true pack of energy and is not deterred from her passion for music. The pretty blonde is now in her ninth month and is currently in the process of producing her new album.

Christina Aguilera accelerates on stage

Christina Aguilera is currently very busy: the 33-year-old will become a mother for the second time in the next few weeks and proudly wears her round tummy in front of her. Also, the “Beautiful” singer is still in the recording studio to play with the new songs from her next album. Christina Aguilera took on a pretty tough double burden. But he apparently accepts this challenge with ease: The American has now posted a photo on Instagram that shows her busy in the studio. Her trademark platinum blonde hair falls slightly wavy to her shoulders and a white stretch dress hugs her well-advanced belly. According to “Ampya”, Christina Aguilera should already be in her ninth month.

And in the studio too

Christina Aguilera lets her daughter enter the music business at a young age

Christina Aguilera put a microphone on her cute baby ball for the photo, so your daughter already knows what to expect musically in the near future. Below the image, the 33-year-old wrote: “Babygirl gets to hear for the first time what Mom creates in the studio.” The child is said to have been born in August. However, he has not yet revealed what musical direction Christina Aguilera will take with her next album. Although the former “The Voice” judge announced in April that she wanted to start with new songs, when the recordings are finally ready, her secret remains for now.Christina Aguilera takes advantage of the intense time of pregnancy to let her creativity fly. We are curious to see how the singer’s new songs will sound and how much the little daughter will have influenced her mother during the recordings.

Image Source 1: Getty Images / Frazer Harrison Image Source 2: Instagram / Christina Aguilera