Christina Applegate rechazó el papel principal en "Naturally Blonde"

Christina Applegate turned down lead role in “Naturally Blonde”

Christina Applegate turned down the lead role in "Naturally Blonde"

Bad decision

wantedon 07/29/2015 | 14:22

What turned out to be a huge success for Reese Witherspoon is still a thorn in Christina Applegate’s side today: the “Terribly Nice Family” actress turned down the offer many years ago, the spirited lawyer Elle Woods in the teen comedy “ Naturally Blond ”. ” to play. Christina Applegate now admits how much she regrets this decision.

What a stupid move it was“, Christina Applegate laments in an interview with” Entertainment Tonight “about her decision to reject the role of the Harvard student dressed in pink Elle Woods. The film, which grossed a whopping $ 140 million worldwide when it was released in 2001, was simply uncomfortable for Christina Applegate, then 28 years old. “I got the script right after leaving” Terribly Nice Family, “says Apllegate. your decision, “and it was about, well, a blonde who was pretty hollow in the first manuscript, but then she made it to Harvard University. ”

Christina Applegate was sick of being silly blonde

Understandably, this seemed like a bad paper offer, Christina Applegate had previously played Al Bundy’s stupid daughter for years and now wanted to avoid being cast in such roles in the future. “I was afraid of repeating myself,” Christina Applegate said, defending her “Entertainment Tonight” decision.

Christina Applegate: “Reese Witherspoon was a much better Elle Woods”

Still, Christina Applegate is cool enough to please Reese Witherspoon with her success. “Reese deserved it. He did a much better job than I could have done. “ admits the now mother of a 43-year-old daughter. And for Christina Applegate, everything went well too. Because who knows if she could have landed a role like that of the witty journalist Veronica Corningstone in Judd Apatow’s “Anchorman” or a single mother in the TV series “Samantha Who” if she hadn’t tried to show it beforehand. who can play completely different characters.

We find it understandable that Christina Applegate is upset. However, the actress can look back on a successful and varied career, which she was able to build without the help of “Naturally Blond.”

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