Proverbios navideños: clásicos que solo escuchas en Navidad ...

Christmas proverbs: classics you only hear at Christmas …

Christmas lego

There is something magical about Christmas time. Love and harmony are in the air. At least most of the time. Well, once in a while. And the aroma of cookies. And Christmas stress and various errands make us sweat from every pore. And children tend to be a little worse than usual out of sheer excitement and blissful anticipation. Of course, they think about nothing but gifts. And that from December 1 for 24 days. I, I preach year after year… the Child Jesus sees everything… But I also leave you other Christmas classics during this time.

Phrases that I say FREQUENTLY during Advent:

  • When the Child Jesus sees that….
  • A cookie is only available AFTER the meal.
  • First get dressed, then brush your teeth and only then open the advent calendar.
  • We are going to sing to you yet, little children, come.
  • Ohhhh God! I have yet to receive gifts. Time flies too fast.
  • As for Saturday: no, my husband has a Christmas party. I can’t get out of there.
  • This time the year passed especially quickly.
  • Christmas has only made sense since we were children.
  • Who put the colored lights in the box last year so confused? There are a hundred knots there.
  • I??? No, I have not eaten a cookie in secret!
  • Let’s do something nice for Grandma.
  • Oh, our Christmas decorations are especially beautiful this year.
  • No, I haven’t bought any new Christmas decorations when we have so much anyway. I swear.
  • I have gained at least 5 pounds in the last few days.
  • I really don’t want anything. I can’t think of anything either.
  • Let’s not give ourselves anything this year.
  • Let’s participate in a shoe box at Christmas this year.
  • Next year we will save the photo the children gave us for Christmas cards.

Phrases that I NEVER say during Advent:

  • Sure, eat as many cookies as you want.
  • Yes, great idea: open all the doors of the advent calendar today.
  • Today I was completely relaxed shopping for Christmas presents. Nothing was happening in the mall.
  • Yes, after the lavish Christmas dinner, I could use a second helping.
  • At Christmas, the scale always shows my minimum weight.
  • Oh, baking cookies with the kids was so relaxed and the kitchen was so clean afterwards.
  • This year I took very good Christmas photos of the children. They all look at the camera and laugh. Maybe it was a fun photo shoot.
  • I got home very early from the Christmas party.
  • Sure, Grandma can sleep with us …

And the last sentence is very honest:

You are the best readers in the world. Thank you for existing. You are our gift!

We wish you a peaceful Advent season with some (many) quiet moments and a Merry Christmas.

Anne and Lisbeth

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