Nuevo para Chrome: acceso directo de incógnito, finalización diferida para aplicaciones de Chrome y píldoras de búsqueda de tendencias

Chrome browser is even smarter, now it shows word definitions

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Once again, Google is improving its own browser. On Android, now it is enough to touch a word to find the definition.

Google has made its own browser for Android even smarter; Chrome browser can now directly display word definitions. For example, if you come across a foreign word in text, you can display its meaning with the press of a button. All you have to do is touch the word in the text. The definition already appears at the bottom of the screen, so Google naturally uses the Google search internal knowledge graph.

The swipe gesture brings out more details

You can swipe up from the bottom to get more information. I also included a video as an example of what it looks like in practice.

Google seems to have integrated the new feature into the Chrome browser in recent days. If a definition cannot be offered, Google searches further and offers a specific topic directly from the search or just the search results. For example, if I touch Huawei, the company logo appears and the information that it is a company appears.

There is still the other gesture of holding down a word to open the options to highlight the text. The new typing gesture doesn’t seem to need an app-specific update, my Chrome was last updated a few days ago and hasn’t been since. So it is a server-side update that Google basically just has to activate and the rest of the required part has been integrated into the application for a long time.

via AP