Notificaciones: el navegador Chrome pronto será menos molesto

Chrome for Android: How to activate the new tab groups

Notifications: Chrome browser will soon be less annoying

A while ago, Google announced a new tab overview for the mobile Chrome browser that can be manually activated at an early stage.

Some time ago, Google announced a new feature for tabs in Google Chrome, but even after many months, the new feature is not available or enabled for all users “out of the box”. At least not bluntly that they have allowed this new feature to be activated manually for a long time. To use the tab groups as well as the new overview of open tabs, we only have to activate three experimental functions in Chrome. Very easy and done in less than a minute. We tell you how to do it.

Chrome: enable overview and groups of new tabs

In the latest variant, the tabs are displayed in a grid layout. Additionally, multiple tabs can be combined into common groups, similar to application folders. For example, a group with websites that can always stay active because you browse them more often anyway. After the screenshots, there is a short guide on how to activate the tab groups.

Just open the Chrome browser on your Android device, then browse the address chrome: flags to. There look for “Tab groups” in the search bar, now set the option of the same name to “On”. Do the same again, set the “Tab Grid Layout” and “Tab Group User Interface Enhancement” to Enabled. Now close Chrome browser completely, possibly needed twice. You should now see the style of our screenshots in the tab overview.

To create a group, you can simply “slide” multiple open tabs together, similar to how you create a folder on the Android home screen for multiple apps. Grab one tab with your finger and slide it over another.

With the new tab groups there is definitely a bit more overview, if only because the presentation is a bit more compact. If you are disciplined, you can create specific groups with websites for specific purposes. Unfortunately, the launch of the innovation is still ongoing, even for the desktop version of the browser.

The new tab groups are now rolling out for Google Chrome mobile.