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Chrome for desktop: tab groups can now be used

There's Only One Chromebook Left: My 30-Day Update - Pros and Cons

For the desktop version, the Chrome browser has now also received the group function, so that multiple tabs can be combined into common groups.

With the new version 81, Google’s desktop browser can also use so-called tab groups. Multiple tabs can be linked to each other, they form a group that belongs to each other. Before doing this, you must use the experimental function in Chrome 81 chrome: // flags / # tab-groups Activate first, so call this part via address bar in Chrome browser or chrome: flags open it and search for “tab gropus”. Right-click on a tab to open the context menu, through which new groups can be created, edited, and populated with additional tabs.

At some point, this feature will be safely enabled “out of the box”. Although I find it more practical in the mobile version of Chrome. Colors have been integrated to ensure an overview in the desktop browser. But at some point it would be too colorful for me.

Chrome 81 brings tab groups as an experimental feature

Screenshots: 9to5Google