Chrome OS se vuelve poderoso: las aplicaciones de Windows en Chromebooks pronto serán posibles

Chrome OS Gets Powerful: Windows Apps on Chromebooks Will Soon Be Possible

Chrome OS gets powerful: Windows apps on Chromebooks will soon be possible

Chromebooks will soon be able to run Windows apps with the help of Parallels, which Google now re-emphasizes in more detail.

In recent years the demand has been high and the first good news has already arrived from Google. The company has now confirmed in an interview that Windows apps will soon be available on Chrome OS devices. Google’s operating system can now run Linux-targeted applications in addition to Android applications, not forgetting progressive web applications.

Windows applications should integrate seamlessly

As has been known for a long time, Google relies on Parallels to enable Windows apps on Chrome OS. In fact, Parallels starts a full instance of Windows. But in the future, Google would like to allow Parallels to really only launch Windows applications. The focus is on seamless integration to make Windows apps feel as natural as possible on Chrome OS.

Isn’t it possible for free?

Not only does Parallels want money for its own solutions, there are also costs for Windows licenses. With corporate clients, costs can be allocated, the future for private clients is currently a little less clear on this issue. More is known what internal hardware is required. So a Core i5 and 8GB of RAM should be available, according to the report.

Cloud applications are a thing of the future

In the long term, Windows applications may also be streamed from the cloud. Then the operating system of the respective device would be irrelevant, as is already the case today with streaming services for games. Of course, all of this ensures that individual platforms can become increasingly superfluous. Windows, Chrome OS, macOS? It doesn’t matter, at least depending on the application scenario.