Cindy Crawford: ¡Tu hija se parece a ella!

Cindy Crawford: Your daughter looks like her!

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wantedon 06/20/2014 | 10:02

Tawny brown eyes, a brown mane every woman dreams of, and an evenly tan complexion – Cindy Crawford isn’t one of the best models in the world for nothing. Now the beautiful 48-year-old sample that could soon follow in her footsteps.

None other than her daughter Kaia could soon succeed her famous model mother Cindy Crawford. The little one is only 12 years old, but He definitely inherited modeling from his mother.!

Cindy Crawford shows off her little successor

It’s no wonder, after all, that Cindy Crawford is one of the legendary models who really took off in the 90s. Large tawny eyes, flawless skin, and sun-tanned complexion – The name Kaia Crawford should definitely be remembered!

Cindy Crawford: her daughter steals the show

While Cindy Crawford said goodbye to the big catwalks a few years ago, her daughter Kaia is just beginning her modeling career. As reported by “OK!” Magazine, the two beauties now appeared side by side at an event not only was the similarity clearly visible, the model potential of little Cindy Crawford was also evident. Kaia Crawford posed like a pro for photographers and almost stole the show from her famous mother.

Cindy Crawford has competition within her own ranks! The icon of the model will see you relaxed, after all, she was also able to celebrate great successes. Now is the time for the next generation, and Kaia is a real treat for the eyes!Image Source: Rachel Murray / Getty Images for Dylan’s Candy Bar