Citroen Ami: E-car para todos - a partir de 16 años

Citroen Ami: E-car for everyone – from 16 years

Citroen Ami: E-car for everyone - from 16 years

The new Citroen Ami is primarily intended for urban areas. It is 100% electric and therefore emission free. Therefore, entering environmental zones is not a problem for the small car. However, the car does not have a particularly long range.

A lithium ion battery with a capacity of only 5.5 kWh is installed for the drive. And according to the manufacturer’s information, this allows the car to travel up to 70 kilometers before having to plug it in again. Yes, that is not enough. On the other hand, this is sufficient for people living in cities.

Citroen Ami: mobility for all

Speaking of the plug: Citroen promises that the Ami can be fully charged from a conventional household socket (230 volts) in three hours. With a suitable cable, the vehicle can also be charged at a public charging station or in a wall box.

Citroen ami

Since the vehicle can be driven by anyone over the age of 16 who has a class AM driver’s license (scooter driver’s license), the maximum possible travel speed is of course limited to 45 km / h. Unlike urban centers, the car is more of an obstacle on the rural highway. Despite all the restrictions, one is safe in Citroen: the Ami is redefining mobility, especially for young people. There is room for two passengers inside.

Citroen Ami rear view

A total of seven different versions of the car are available. Depending on the buyer’s preference, the Ami is equipped with various decorative elements, such as an in-dash storage compartment, a compartment for smartphones, or a bag hook. The main colors are gray, blue, orange and khaki.

Citroen Ami interior

How much does the Citroen Ami cost?

What the Citroen Ami with all-wheel drive and 14-inch wheels will cost in Germany, the manufacturer will not reveal until a later date. In its country of origin, France, the small city car is available from 6,000 euros. Alternatively, a monthly rental fee of € 19.99 is available to interested buyers.

Citroen Ami with glass roof

Orders in France will be possible from March 30, the first deliveries are scheduled for June. Your dream personal car setup should only be possible on the internet. During the course of the year, sales will begin not only in Germany, but also in Spain, Italy, Belgium and Portugal, among others.