Estilo de ciudad, porque te encanta la limpieza

City style, because you love cleanliness


wantedon October 13, 2011 | 13:00

Win a Storm Coat with the “London Brit Explorer” outfit.

Michael Michalsky – A designer not only trusted by women. Also this season, the successful fashion designer has unveiled some new ideas to make women’s dreams come true and designed the “City Style – Because You Love Clean” collection for Ariel: five different urban looks in the exciting MICHALSKY style.

“Paris – Emotional Rescue”, “Berlin Fashionsounds”, “Moscow Temptation”, “Shanghai – Elegant Surprise” and “London – Brit Explorer”: five different styles, one collection. Michael Michalsky and Ariel continue their successful cooperation with the “City Style collection – because you love cleanliness”. MICHALSKY and Ariel currently present ensembles that each embody the look of five different metropolises. With “Paris – Emotional Rescue”, MICHALSKY reproduces the elegant look of the Saine metropolis, while “Berlin – Fashionsounds” reflects the young and modern feeling of the German capital. Ariel fan Michael Michalsky designed washable fashion exclusively for current Stiftung Warentest test winner Ariel Compact Color & Style with Actilift ™ (Stiftung Warentest issue 10/2010). With this collection, the fashion designer faced the challenge of washable fall / winter fashion: special constructions and the conscious selection of fabrics suitable for machine washing at home ensure easy maintenance of new fashion essentials.

Ariel Compact Color & Style with Actilift ™.

The outfits that MICHALSKY designed exclusively for the current Stiftung Warentest Ariel Compact Color & Style test winner with Actilift (Stiftung Warentest Heft 10/2010) are fully washable thanks to the expertise of the laundry experts at Ariel and MICHALSKY. In addition to ultra-modern designs, where fans of women’s fashion look and feel good in every situation, the question of fabric choice was at the heart of the development process. “In any case, my fabrics have to be machine washable,” says Michael Michalsky, “because working with Ariel made me realize how important washable, easy-care designer fashion is. That’s what our clients tell me over and over again. “

desired is to give MICHALSKY for Ariel

Do you want to call yours one of the absolutely fashionable pieces? Then we have just what you need: together with Ariel, what you want is to raffle the storm coat for the outfit “London – Brit Explorer” for an approximate value of € 499 in size M and the winner of the current test of the foundation is available for the appropriate care of the washable fashion designer Warentest (Stiftung Warentest Heft 10/2010) Ariel Compact Color & Style with Actilift. And winning can be a breeze – just email your name and address to [email protected] and snuggle up in the beautiful coat in winter.