Deepfakes: la aplicación de Android pone tu cara en cada meme GIF

CityMaps2Go: Premium and Pro travel guide app up to 50% cheaper

Deepfakes: Android app puts your face on every GIF meme

There is good news for interested CityMaps2Go users, because both paid packages are currently up to 50% cheaper.

CityMaps2Go is an extremely popular Android application with over five million downloads from the Google Play Store. At the moment there are quite attractive discounts on the premium features of Android pp. Depending on the interests, Pro and Premium are offered with different scopes. Both packages are currently much cheaper. There is hardly any external communication about it, since it is about in-app purchases. The promotion is available until Friday, reveal the banners in the application.

CityMaps2Go Maps App – Pro and Premium Saving Price

As mentioned above, the discounts are really substantial. If you choose the Pro version, you currently only pay € 12.99 instead of € 21.99, saving 40%. In the even more extensive premium version, the price has been reduced by about half, so only € 16.99 must be paid instead of € 32.99. The following applies to both payment models: they remove the advertising from the app and offer access to all cards at no additional cost. But there is more, you can find out directly in the application.