Claire y Felix de Luxemburgo: ¡deja que tu amor florezca!

Claire and Felix from Luxembourg – let your love bloom!

Claire and Felix from Luxembourg - let your love bloom!

Deep love

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Felix von Luxemburg and his Claire spoke openly in an interview about their love, their dream wedding and their future together.

Felix von Luxemburg and Claire Lademacher got married in the south of France on September 21. In an interview, the newly married royals spoke about their love and future.

Claire and Felix von Luxemburg take their time for love.

Felix von Luxemburg (29) and his wife Claire (28) seemed delighted both at their civil ceremony in Königstein in Hesse and at their church wedding in Provence. Claire von Luxemburg spoke to the Swedish magazine “Svensk Damtidning” about the wedding preparations: “The wedding preparations practically started right after the day the engagement was announced! Everything went perfect and according to plan. Now we long for our love to flourish in marriage. ” Felix von Luxemburg announced his engagement to Claire on December 13, 2012.Claire and Felix von Luxemburg share a deep love

Felix von Luxemburg also seems overwhelmed by his love happiness. The prince describes his relationship with Claire almost poetically to the Swedish magazine: “We have spent a lot of time deepening our love and paving the way for marriage. What matters is that our marriage is saturated with joy and filled with the love and happiness we feel for each other. “ In the future, the couple would like to live in a family winery in the south of France. Of course, Claire also has many representative tasks waiting for her: “My new role means that I will participate in a whole series of official ceremonies.” .

Claire and Felix from Luxembourg look crazy. You can almost get a little jealous …Image Source: Andreas Rentz / Getty Images